3nights 4days trip in Ishigaki island, Okinawa Day1


This is my first trip to Okinawa with my lovely two friends. We were very busy, so we only booked flights, hotels and rental cars.

On the way to Haneda airport

One friend met us at Ishigaki airport in this trip, we two were heading to Haneda airport by car. We left our town early in the morning for avoiding traffic jam. The journey was smooth up to the halfway point, but as we followed the navigation system, we passed through a number of narrow roads and streets that we wondered if they were shortcuts or if we had ever taken such roads when going to Haneda Airport. I was following the navigation system, but as I drove along, I passed many narrow roads and streets that I wondered if I had ever taken such roads when going to Haneda Airport.On the Metropolitan Expressway, the navigation system on the phone did not receive well and the voice kept talking and we did not know which direction to go. We couldn’t even find a sign for the airport.

Friend said ‘I guess we’ll just have to go with our wild guesses now.’
I answered ‘What? Are you serious? Can we reach to the airport?’

Can you believe wild guesses? We finally arrived at Haneda airport. Then one more trouble, we were waiting wrong line for the parking lot, cause we didn’t check departure terminal. Since we had left with plenty of time to spare, we were able to have a leisurely breakfast at the airport. Hello, airport! Is it just me or does it make you excited that you are about to go on a trip?

Arrival at Ishigaki Island

I met my friend at Ishigakijima Airport and took the rental car to a cafe for a rest. We stopped by the supermarket to do some shopping and checked in to the hotel. We stayed at a condominium hotel called Nagura Village along the coast. There are no stores nearby, so I recommend you to stop by a supermarket or convenience store.

It is spacious and has a sofa and table in front of the bed for relaxing
toile next to them

bathtub and shower

BBQ dinner at the hotel

The hotel staff will make the fire and prepare the food if you let them know the time. You will need to prepare your own drinks. Bring your own drinks from the supermarket and you are all set. We booked at 6pm.When I stepped out of my hotel room, the hot and humid summer air made it feel even more like summer! Ishigaki beef BBQ, the best! Yakisoba noodles were also prepared, which filled my stomach. Okinawan music and nostalgic songs were played at the venue, filling my heart. The sun was gradually setting and the creatures began to appear.

Gecko (it was a mess, but I don’t care because it is said to be a house lizard. Their chirps are adorable.
Frogs and crabs (both large) and a kitten.

The beach is close by so you can watch the sunset. Luxurious time listening to the sound of waves while watching the clouds and pink sky.
I was already captivated by Ishigaki Island from the first day.

沖縄県石垣島の3泊4日の旅 1日目








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