3nights 4days trip in Ishigaki island, Okinawa Day2


This is the second day of a no-plan trip for three people on Ishigaki Island.
The second day is for sightseeing in Taketomi Island and Ishigaki Island.

Heading to Ishigaki Port

The room we stayed in at Nagura Village was equipped with a kitchen, so we prepared our own breakfast. (Cooking utensils are available for rent for 1,000 yen during your stay.)
We got ready and drove to Ishigaki Port Remote Islands Terminal. After discussing the night before, we decided that Taketomi Island or Kohama Island, both of which can be reached in a short time from Ishigaki Island, were the likely destinations. When we arrived at the parking lot around 10:30 a.m., we checked the timetable and found that the ferry to both islands had just departed.Considering the number of ferry services, we decided to go to Taketomi Island this time. We had some time before departure, but we could spend time at a restroom and some stores. We found a cute T-shirt and bought three different colors when we returned to the port, and wore them the next day.

To Taketomi island

We arrived after a 20-minute ferry ride. There is a beautiful view from the second floor of the ferry, but it looked like it was going to be bumpy, so I sat in a chair on the cool first floor.
Immediately after arrival, several buses from the bike rental store are parked. We were accepted by the driver and went directly to the bus to the store, and he took us back to the port. Some people were walking to see the sights, but I would recommend biking. I guess it depends on the time of year, but it was very hot and the sun was strong in July. I felt it would be hard to walk for a long time. Sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, and a drink are essential for both walking and biking.


Kondoi beach

The first beach we came to was Kondoi Beach. The white sand is fine and comfortable in the ocean, and the clear water is filled with fish and cobalt blue continues forever. The gradually deepening blue contrasted with the blue of the sky. I simply lost track of time and watched.

Kaiji beach

Next was Kaiji Beach, famous for its star sand. Compared to Kondoi Beach, the beach had a different view because the stones were bigger at the waves. I did not look for star sand, but we found star sand in small bottles for sale at the entrance of the beach.
There was a handmade swing attached to a tree. We were so into it that we took many pictures of it, posing like we were on the cover of a magazine.


We were sweating a lot from all the biking and playing on the beach, and we were getting hungry, so we looked for a place to have lunch. We arrived at the restaurant Kanifu, looking at the map we got from the bike rental store. The restaurant was a magnificent building, spacious, and air-conditioned. I had the Soki Soba. It was my first Soki Soba.

I was hungry and thirsty. The meat had a sweetness to it and the noodles were easy to eat and hard. It was like my body was absorbing everything. Thank you for the meal. ‘Gochisousama deshita’

After this, we decided to look for a cafe, so we pedaled our bicycles again. We finally arrived at a small store where we could take a break outside, but I forgot the name of the store.
There was a red-roofed house, hibiscus trees, and a cat. We ordered zenzai, which is not shown in the picture below. My friend told me that in Okinawa, shaved ice is called Zenzai.

Shikuwasa (Japanese citrus fruit drink) and iced coffee

The time for the ferry was approaching, so we pedaled to the store to return our bike. 4 hours we spent there, but we had a happy time with a great view and delicious food.
After this, we returned to Ishigaki Island for evening sightseeing.

Explore Ishigaki island -Kabira Bay-

Back at the hotel, I asked the front desk for recommendations for izakaya (Japanese style pubs). They said that the downtown area of Ishigaki Island is Misaki Town (south of the island) near the remote island terminal. The hotel we are staying at is in Nagura (southwest) and it takes roughly 20 minutes by car.

We went for a drive in the direction of Kabira Bay, which is the opposite of Misaki Town. Since we were driving along the coast from Nagura, the sea continued all the way. Even after 17:00 in the evening, the sky was still blue. I want to see the sea! So we drove north and first visited Sukuji Beach. I had seen many beaches in one day, but they were all beautiful. The surrounding trees, the island in the distance, the sandy beach, the sound of the waves. Everything soothed me.

Sukuji beach

As we were driving back toward Misaki Town because we were getting hungry, someone asked, “Isn’t it far?” Someone said, “Isn’t it too far?
We searched for a nearby izakaya on Google Maps and headed for Kabira. We parked our car at the Kabira Park parking lot and took a short detour to see Kabira Bay before going to the izakaya.

Kabira bay

Maybe because it was late in the day, there were no people and we were the only ones around. The white sand was very comfortable and not as hot as the beach in the daytime, probably because it was evening. When we walked towards the Izakaya, we found a number of stores, but they were out of business hours. If we had come a little earlier, we might have seen more people and a bustling town.

Coincidences at Izakaya

We cycled around Taketomi Island and the weather and air were summery. We were sweating anyway. We didn’t take a shower. All three of us were sticky with sweat. Our destination restaurant had outside seating, so we had to choose one. The wind blowing after the sunset felt good, too, and we were excited to look back on the day after a long day of work and relaxation over dinner. And when we talked with the waitperson, we found out that they were from the same hometown as us, which made the conversation even more exciting. I never thought we would come to Ishigaki Island to talk about our hometowns. It is one of the fun parts of traveling to meet people like this at a store that you find by chance, even though you are surprised. They told us about tourist spots and popular stores in Ishigaki Island, and we decided on the plan for the next day. Once again, I realized how much I don’t know about Ishigaki Island.

This picture is called “Sagaribana. It is said that the flowers bloom at night and fall off in the morning of the next day. It is so fragile. I was also told about this flower. If I had not known anything, I would have passed by.
And I went to see the beach again. The night sky is full of stars. There are no buildings in the way, so as far as the eye can see, stars, stars. I was lucky enough to even see a shooting star.
I was able to have such a wonderful experience because of someone I happened to meet at a restaurant I found by chance. It was truly a wonderful sight to see. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

沖縄県石垣島の3泊4日の旅 2日目













自転車漕いで、ビーチで遊んだので大量の汗をかきお腹も空いてきたところでランチをする場所を探しました。レンタサイクルショップでもらった地図を見ながら行き着いたところはお食事処 かにふです。立派な建物で広々としている店内、エアコンが効いていて救われました。私はソーキそばを頂きました。初のソーキそばです。

お肉柔らか〜 美味しい!





石垣島観光 川平湾




よく考えたらホテルを越えて更に南下するのか・・・移動で30分以上かかると判明し行先変更しました。Google mapで近い居酒屋を検索し川平へ向かいます。川平公園駐車場という有料駐車場に車を停めて、居酒屋に行く前に川平湾を見に少し寄り道。