Kanazawa Sightseeing Kanazawa Castle Park


Kanazawa Castle Park is within walking distance from Kenrokuen Garden. This spacious park is always a pleasure to visit, whether for a morning stroll or to see the castle illuminated at night (check the schedule).
There are several entrances to the park, so please check which entrance is closest to you before heading there. Please note that the entrances are limited when the park is open at night.
In this time, I would like to introduce some of the highlights of Kanazawa Castle Park.

Gyokusen’inmaru Garden

The first place I recommend is this Gyokusen’inmaru garden. I found it by chance, walking around without looking at a map as I was getting used to traveling to Kanazawa. Later I found out that it was very famous….

It is just a short walk from the Gyokusen’inmaru entrance or the Nezumitamon entrance. If you are coming from the direction of Oyama Shrine, this is the closest entrance. If you are coming from other entrances, go down the stairs. There is a stone wall at the back of the photo above. There is a stairway there. The stairs are well maintained, so it is not so hard. The view of the garden from this stairs is also good. There is also a rest area in the garden from where you can look into the garden.
My favorite place is a bench with a wooden umbrella on the stairs coming up from the Gyokusen’inmaru entrance, where I take a rest and enjoy the view. In summer, it helps to cool the sunshine.

When I visited at night to see the lights up, there was music in the air.
It was a fantastic garden, a change from the beauty of the gardens during the day.

Nezumitamon and Nezumitamon Bridge

Next is the Nezumitamon Gate and Nezumitamon Bridge located near the Gyokusen’inmaru Garden, which was restored in July of 2020.
Unlike other gates, Nezumitamon is black, don’t you think? This is the characteristic of Nezumitamon, and the joints of the walls are finished with black plaster.

You can go inside. The aroma of wood heals you as you enter. The building was built using traditional construction methods without the use of nails.
I learned that Kanazawa values tradition not only from the outside but also from the inside.

Ishikawa-mon (Gate)

When I hear the name Kanazawa Castle, the first thing that comes to mind is this Ishikawa Gate. Visitors coming to Kanazawa Castle Park from Kenrokuen Garden pass through this gate. It is the symbol of Kanazawa, which appears white in the night sky when illuminated at night. In spring, cherry blossoms can be seen here.

Gojukken Nagaya

The last one is this Gojukken Nagaya. You can see the inside of this building for a fee. This long building stands out. The Hashizume-mon Tsuzuki Yagura, the Gojyuken Nagaya, and the Hishi Yagura are connected inside. It is said that no nails are used in this building as well. Gojukken Nagaya is a warehouse for storing weapons and other items.

There are many more things to see and do in Kanazawa Castle Park, but I would like to share my recommendations with you.

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