The Mashiko Pottery Market


I visited the pottery market event held in Mashiko Town, Tochigi Prefecture, where Mashiko pottery is produced. It seems to be held every year in spring and fall, and the fall of 2023 was the 108th.

Actually, I visited for the first time last year and stopped by at the end of the last day, so I didn’t get to see much. But it was a lot of fun and I was excited to see all the different ceramics.
I was excited to see all the different ceramics! So this year, I made this pottery market my destination.

As stated on the official website, the first day will be crowded. If the artist you are looking for is not there or if you do not have a specific item in mind, it is better to visit on the second day or later.
And the event site is large, so it is recommended that you wear shoes that are easy to walk in.

If you are going by car, there is parking available, but be prepared for traffic jams. Of course, you will want to park close to the event site, so it will take longer as you get closer.
Express buses are available from Akihabara (Tokyo) and Yakimono Liner.
Free shuttle bus service is available from Mashiko Station.

There were so many tents, it was fun just to look around. Last time I ended up just looking. This year I decided to set a budget and buy the pieces I felt I like it. This is because a friend of mine who went with me advised me to set a budget or else I would never be able to end up there. It is true that if you buy all the pieces you like from the artists you go to, it would be a very large amount.

I only got what I needed now because I want to visit again next year and find wonderful works of art.

It was a cloudy day and looked like it was going to rain, so I brought an umbrella. Then all of a sudden it was pouring.
By chance, a nearby man at a store offered us a place to stay in the rain, so I stayed inside the store.
The store sold clothes and bags. I liked the design so much that I bought a sweatshirt and my friend bought a lunch bag after the rain stopped.
The store staff was very kind and friendly when we were struggling with our purchases. I am thankful for this coincidence, as I feel that we would not have found this store if it had not rained.

Also to get what I need next year. Looking forward to it.