Saku-shima island


This is an introduction to Saku Island, a remote island located in Nishio City, Aichi Prefecture. Artworks are scattered all over the island, and you can visit them in the nature. You can fully enjoy the island on a day trip, but I also recommend staying overnight and relaxing over a delicious meal. How about renting a bicycle to get around the island?

Access to Sakushima Island

At Meitetsu “Nishio” Station (about 50 minutes from Meitetsu “Nagoya” Station), transfer to the Meitetsu Toubu Kotsu Bus (Isshiki Line) and get off at the “Isshiki Sakana Hiroba/Sakushima-bound boat stop. It takes about 25 minutes from “Isshiki Port” to “Sakushima (East Port, West Port)” by Nishio City High Speed Boat. If you have limited time, check the bus and ferry timetables and plan in advance. There are only a few buses. You cannot cross to the island by car, so please use the parking lot near Isshiki Port.

Delicious food in Sakushima

Dinner at the inn was prepared with octopus shabu-shabu, octopus rice, sashimi, boiled fish, and plenty of shellfish.
I ate the amount of octopus I eat in a year in one day.

Breakfast was just the right amount to have a little bit of it in small bowls.

I also took a break to have a delicious coffee and cheesecake at a cafe with a view of the ocean, and ate an onigiri sandwich at a cafe with cats outside.

Art tour

There are many art spots scattered throughout the island. Bicycles are by far the most convenient way to visit all of them.
One of my favorite things to do is to collect stamps at the art spots. I enjoy collecting stamps at art spots because I can visit places that I would not stop by if I did not come here to see this art. The scenery I find there is exciting.

The art above was beautiful under a blue sky, but I had checked the sunset time and took pictures while watching the sunset. The setting sun was shining brightly.

This is the piece of art that brought me to Sakushima. I used to want to visit Sakushima someday after seeing it in a Detective Conan movie.

My friend, who did not know it was an artwork, thought it was real and was surprised that it did not run away when I approached it.

There are many other art spots. Time flies when you are taking pictures. Why not find your favorite art and enjoy it in your own way?

佐久島 Saku-shima island