D.T. Suzuki Museum Time flies by so fast 

Since I started visiting Kanazawa every year, I have found several favorite places. One of them is this D.T. Suzuki Museum. I have often visited on cloudy days, but recently I have been able to visit on a blue sky several times.

About D.T. Suzuki Museum

It was established for the purpose of deepening understanding of the ideas of D.T. Suzuki, a Buddhist philosopher from Kanazawa City, and to be used as a place for personal contemplation.
He was also the person who introduced Japanese Zen culture to the rest of the world, and many people from Japan and abroad have visited this museum .
Located in a residential area, the building is beautiful as well.

You must see this

D.T. Suzuki Museum is located within walking distance from 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa. I usually go there on weekdays, but I think it is still empty compared to Kenrokuen Garden and 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa. (The size of the museum is different, too.)

After paying the admission fee at the entrance, visitors pass through a dark interior corridor that connects to the exhibition space just ahead. This corridor leads you to another world. You will see the “Vestibule Garden” along the way.
When you go from the exhibition space to the learning space, you will see the “Roji Garden” from there. Then, finally, you arrive at the “Water Mirror Garden.

My favorite way to spend time is to look at this “water mirror garden” from the “contemplative space building. It is a great way to avoid the sun in the summer and the cold wind in the winter. I also recommend sitting on a stone bench outside to watch the view. The occasional ripple, the surface of the water swaying in the wind, and the leaves falling from the nearby trees. Just looking at these things makes the time pass by quickly.
At first, I tried to make it a place where I could slowly think about the causes of my daily stress and worries, but to be honest, I have never thought about such things in this place.
I don’t think about anything in particular, I just look at them. Just listening to the sound.

I was able to visit for the third time and on a clear day. It rains a lot in Kanazawa, but it is very changeable and after a while the rain stops and blue skies appear, then it starts again. When I visited in winter, there was snow mixed in.
Kanazawa is a place where you can see many different faces, so please enjoy the scenery that you can only see on that particular day.


4 min. walk from Honda-machi bus stop by Hokutetsu Bus or Kanazawa Castle Town Tour Bus
Parking: not available
Closed Mondays
Hours: 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (admission until 4:30 p.m.)

気づいたら時間が経ってた 鈴木大拙館











北鉄バス・城下まち金沢周遊バス 本多町下車 徒歩4分
駐車場 なし
休館日 月曜日
開館時間 午前9:30から午後5:00(入館は午後4:30まで)